Services Provided

Ring Resizing

We adjust the size of your ring to fit properly. Even eternity bands with stones all of the way around can be sized. For customers with enlarged knuckles or those with fluctuating swelling problems we offer a number of solutions for a proper comfortable fit.

Prong Retipping

If you are snagging clothing, have a bent prong or loose stone we can advise you during your semi-annual checkup of the necessary action to fix it. It could involve tightening a stone, retipping, repronging or replacing a head.

Chain & Bracelet Repair

We size bangles, up or down. Remove dents, engraving and scratches. Adjust, repair or replace catches, hinges or safeties. We can also, engrave, overlay, pierce designs or pave with stones.

Eye Glass Repair

We do laser welding of metal rim glasses.

Silver Flatware Repair

If your flatware was chewed up in garbage disposal or broken, loose or separated from its handle, we can repair it like new.

Silver Holloware Repair

If your hollowware has missing parts we can duplicate them. We also remove dents and engraving. We can add new insulators on coffee, tea or chocolate pot handles installed with exotic wood or ivory.

Costume Jewelry Repair

We can do all types of repairs and stone replacements for costume jewelry. Each piece will need to be reviewed to determine the options and pricing.

Necklaces or Bracelets

We can repair Link, Hinged, Mesh and Stone pieces. Lengthen and shorten or make adjustable. We also can reinforce, repair or replace links, catches and hinges and install safety catches.

Semi-Annual Inspection

We recommend periodic cleaning and checking all of your jewelry to keep it looking good, prevent losing stones and to advise you of any repairs needed. If you notice any irregularities, like catching in clothing, broken or missing stones, or bent shank, then it's time to visit Aesthetics In Jewelry.